Ave Maria No. 7 “Regina Familiae” (2011)

SATB a cappella:

Duration:  ca. 4:30

imagesPremiere: 07.02.2013, Oregon Bach Festival Composer’s Symposium, Eugene, OR, under Craig Hella Johnson, conductor, OBF American Creators’ Chorus.

Program Notes: Originally intended to be written for the Madrigal Singers at Father Gabriel Richard High School (where I taught Spanish for two years 2010-2012), as the composition developed, I began to sense it might be a bit tricky even for such a great choir. So instead, I wrote another for them (Mater Purissima, 2012) and I still dedicate this one to all the families at FGR as well as my own family and my “family” of friends throughout the world.


Listen to Ave Maria No. 7 “Regina Familiae” below (audio only):

Watch Ave Maria No. 7 “Regina Familiae” below:

Craig Hella Johnson and OBF American Creators' Chorus at the premiere.
Craig Hella Johnson and OBF American Creators’ Chorus at the premiere.