Hymn to St. Cecilia (2017)

SATB choir + organ

Commissioned by: Choir & Organ Magazine (UK) for the University of London Choir of Royal Holloway, Rupert Gough, cond.

Durata: ca. 5:00

Premiere:  11/18/2017 – University of London, Royal Holloway




Listen below to the Choir of Royal Holloway performing Hymn to St. Cecilia:

Program notes: Hymn to St. Cecilia is an English setting of the Latin prayer Cecilia virgowhose melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic features are punctuated by singing that is sometimes accompanied by the organ and sometimes exposed in accappella sections. The crux of the piece occurs in the moment that describes how many look to St. Cecilia (i.e. music) “to transform the world’s mourning into the glory of Paradise.”

O Cecilia Virgo (O Virgin Cecilia)
All musicians celebrate thy praises,
And through thy merits, God can hear those who cry unto Him.
With one voice and one heart they invoke thy name,

 to transform the world’s mourning into the glory of Paradise;
Look upon those under thy charge, O caring virgin,
O holy lady, who call upon thee, always saying:
Sancta Cecilia ora pro nobis. (Saint Cecilia, pray for us.)