Impact 343 (2014)

For percussion quartet

Premiere: Feb. 12, 2015, Lucas Sanchez, Torrel Moss, Dino Georgeton, Brandon Bell, percussion – Rice University, Houston, TX

Duration:  ca. 11 min

Program Notes:

Impact 343 is an exploration of percussion sounds used in alternation and combination. Essentially, the title refers to both the impact of hands or various beaters upon the instruments as well as the impact of sound waves upon the ears. The numerical part of the title refers to the speed of sound in dry air (343 m/s) and to the thematic shifting of notes grouped in 3s and 4s. As an added layer of interest, the piece is 343 measures long…

For PDF Score and Parts, click below:


Listen below to audio excerpts from the premiere of Impact 343.

Excerpt # 1

Excerpt # 2