Premonitions (2012)

fixed media (tape)

Duration: 3 minutes

Premiere: 11.17, 2012, Rice University, Shepherd School of Music, Houston, TX

Program Notes: The idea for Premonitions came while I was experimenting with different sounds that I could get out of the closet door in my apartment. It made me think back to some of the experiences I had as a child where the slightest sound at night could convince me that there was a monster or something in my closet… perhaps of the Sesame Street variation. My parents would assure me that this notion was ridiculous and I would partially agree while partially thinking; “but it’s really, really dark in there…” And if there were in fact a monster in there, it probably wanted out to do Lord knows what to my siblings and me! Alas, this logic of mine was refuted by the disconcerting noises being identified as something other than a malignant beast’s attempt to exit a closet in my house—afterall, if he is so big and scary, how could he not just open or crash through the door… thus this piece concludes by fading out as did those childhood premonitions as time went on…

Listen to Premonitions below: