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P R E V I E W  P R E M I E R E D  P I E C E S : 

P R O J E C T :  Book  of  Visions  (2015)  is a collection of 12 solo organ pieces currently being composed by Daniel Knaggs. The project surrounding the creation of these pieces involves:

  1. gathering organists to perform these new works
  2. securing funding for a professional recording of these new works
  3. securing funding to help complete this (time-consuming) new work (commissioning, co-commissioning)

P U R P O S E : This project is an effort to spread awareness of the organ’s greatness and of its relevance to the creation of new music. In this project Daniel wishes to make a substantial contribution to the continuation of a living and growing repertoire for this instrument.

P I E C E S : The 12 pieces in  Book  of  Visions  average about 4 minutes each (a total of nearly one hour of music). They are intended both for concertizing and for use in liturgical settings.

P A R T I C I P A T E :  Your participation in the  Book of Visions Project  is greatly valued. Some ways you may wish to participate include:

  1. Help Daniel complete  Book  of  Visions  by commissioning or co-commissioning one or more of the pieces
  2. Support the the professional CD/iTunes recording of  Book  of  Visions  by making a donation (below)
  3. Spread word of this project to organ and music advocates
  4. Purchase   Book  of  Visions  or purchase individual pieces in it via PayPal

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P R E M I E R E   P E R F O R M A N C E : Plans for a performance of the complete  Book  of  Visions  are currently underway. Stay tuned!

P U B L I C A T I O N : It is intended that  Book  of  Visions  be published by a publisher to be determined. In the meantime, PDFs may be ordered using PayPal. (see below)

P R E – O R D E R / P U R C H A S E : PDFs of the individual pieces may be purchased at $10 each, or the book of 12 pieces for $75 total.

P R E V I O U S   O R G A N   W O R K S : Daniel has written a number of works for organ and these have been performed in Cambridge and London (UK), Basel (Switzerland), Rovato (Italy), and throughout the USA and recorded on his CD A New Spring Time

Listen below to a few samples of Daniel’s works for (or involving) organ: