Trois Chansons Project details (English)

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What is the Trois Chansons Project? 

This project is a threefold experiment in sharing new music globally, assembling an international consortium of choirs, and encouraging cross-cultural musical networking. Choirs who participate simply agree to be listed as consortium members who will look at my new Trois Chansons score (once completed), considering it for potential performance, but under no obligations.

Which poems are used?

1. Charles D’Orléans (1394-1465) – Les en voulez-vous garder?
2. Maurice Rollinat (1846-1903) – Le Val des Ronces (1899)
3. Daniel Knaggs (b. 1983) – Chanson d’un demain (2014)

Why this project?

I hope that this project’s results provide useful insight and ideas for musicians seeking fresh, new ways to share our art with the world.

Why in French?

Why not in French? For years I have wanted to create my own Trois Chansons. This three-song structure and acknowledgement of past composers’/poets’ work suits my thematic focus on time. Furthermore, I love French, and setting this language as a non-native speaker contributes to the desired international nature of this piece.

Who may participate?

Participation is open to all interested choirs, anywhere in the world, before Nov. 30, 2014.

What does this project have to do with the composers Debussy and Ravel?

Firstly, these two composers have undoubtedly influenced my composing. Secondly, my Trois Chansons are in homage to both of them (see video). I plan to compose my Trois Chansons with a similar length to theirs and to complete mine in 2015, 100 years after Ravel finished his.


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